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I've had the same question, and I've also been holding off on non-essentials.

My concern is less about Amazon, or Kohl's or whoever I'm buying from. I figure if they are willing to sell, they can handle it. My concern is with the actual shipping and delivery. If the UPS driver is running around delivering my bird feeder, and my neighbor's new socks, and some other guy's new living room set, and whatever other completely non-necessary stuff we buy, does that mean we're making our other neighbors wait longer for their toilet paper and medications, and the laptop their kid needs to do school from home?

Not to mention, I'm asking that UPS employee to continually go outside, potentially risking their life each day, while I'm safe at home and ordering new shoes because I'm bored.

So I haven't been ordering online.

I'd actually love for someone to come on and tell me why this thinking is wrong. I saw a bunch of cute stuff on sale today lol.