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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
There was "School of the Air" which was broadcasted on radio, and later on television, but it wouldn't have been a complete curriculum. It was for things like art and music, and designed for the one-room schoolhouse and other schools that didn't have these teachers on staff. (I just Googled it, and there's a program that still exists in the Australian outback.)

Go back 35 years, and we have the early days of the AIDS epidemic. While the disease never spread this rapidly, it did have a near-100% fatality rate at the time, and we just didn't know at first what caused it, or if it might mutate into something that was casually transmissible.
I was really young back then, but I seem to remember that AIDS was seen as a disease that only drug addicts or homosexuals got. I mean no disrespect with that statement, and I may be remembering the attitude from '87 or '88.