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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
Maybe you need to take a break from CNN.

Well we will just have to see now wont we. I guess if your right and millions of people under age 60 start flooding our hospitals and later our cemeteries, you will be right. Right now thousands of spring breakers have recently returned from going their usual crazy selves in Florida and yes, some have been reported to have the virus. Lets see what happens.
They may not be flooding the cemeteries (yet), but they're flooding the hospitals already.

Whether they die or not isn't the only consideration; if you encourage young people to carry on as if this isn't a big deal, you're going to crush the healthcare system. As I've said: the healthcare system doesn't have enough beds, enough doctors, enough medicines.

We're in the early innings of a long game, urbanredneck. And the hospitalization rates and the fatality rates are growing exponentially.