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I support the political party that supports greater preparedness for pandemics, using government mandates and tax dollars. Like Bernie Sanders, for this reason I do not support the concept of individual charity.

Our masks are not useless to us. We live in an apartment building where we are forced to walk through the same narrow unventilated spaces as hundreds of others. And we have one for each member of the family, that we take very careful care of and only wear for a few minutes per week as we pass through those areas or enter a building to do shopping for necessities. Not while “walking down the street”. There is nothing to “package up”.

But I see the latest argument along these lines is about CPAP machines, which some people believe users should donate to the cause. I actually have a more advanced machine because my apnea is more complex and I graduated from CPAP to BiPAP and then, after my third sleep study, to an actual state-of-the-art home ventilator. But there’s no way in hell I’m donating it. I would go back to having crappy sleep and possibly be in real trouble if I got the virus.

Again, I support Democrats and they insisted on adding hundreds of billions of dollars to help hospitals with much-needed supplies. Good for them and my conscience is clear.

And sure, I am among the “weak” majority. Which is why I never had any impulse to become a firefighter or police officer, but would not hesitate to call 911 if I needed help from either.

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