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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
Here we go again. We cannot question anything because if we do it means that we want people to die so we can go drink at the bar. That's not what I am saying.

I am saying that an equal policy choice, advocated by others not me, have been to let this play out as for the vast majority of people the symptoms are minor and they quickly recover, and the flip side is the complete destruction of our economy. Who makes that decision in a constitutional democracy?
The idea that letting it play out would save the economy is not well supported. All ideas don't get equal say. They get moderated on their chance of actually being true.

The likely answer is the letting it play out may do more economic damage, not less. I think it is reasonable that a big part of what drives the current decisions is actually protecting the individual countries and their economies.

The economy of anywhere is built on trust. If people are dying by the hundreds of thousands, and there is no apparent government action that is doing any good, the economy is going to be in far worse shape than now. Right now we restrict by common assent. The alternative is a society riven by blind fear and restricting itself out of that. One is controlled, that other, who knows how it plays out?

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