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Most emergency procedures are imposed below the federal level. Expect something like:
Whereas the world has fallen for a nasty liberal-atheist-media-foreign hoax;
. and

Whereas our country, this beautiful homeland and its beautiful people except as noted,[1] vitally needs to re-open for business, but not all of it at once;
. therefore

I, the official POTUS, do hereby officially order the official closures, for a duration as noted,[2] of all hotels, resorts, lounges, casinos, brothels, golf courses, and parking lots in US territory at home or abroad except as noted.[3] Violators not on good terms with me, the official POTUS, will be branded illegal refugees and interned with all those dirty MexCans and Persians, and their property confiscated as noted.[4] This I do officially decree. Where's my sword?[5]

. (signed)
The Don myself

[1] Native Americans and all others darker than me are excluded.
[2] Duration is until I say so and not a damn minute sooner, capiche?
[3] Exemption granted to properties controlled by the Tr*mp Organization.
[4] Confiscated properties to be transferred to the Tr*mp Organization.
[5] My sword is NOT short! NOTHING about me is short! Fake news!
The Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC) is the federal uniformed service of the United States Public Health Service (USPHS) and is one of the 8 US uniformed services. Are PHSCC officers commanded by POTUS? Can POTUS direct them to override state emergency health orders to stop quarantines and closures? Do federal executive orders trump state orders?