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Originally Posted by split p&j View Post
I was really young back then, but I seem to remember that AIDS was seen as a disease that only drug addicts or homosexuals got. I mean no disrespect with that statement, and I may be remembering the attitude from '87 or '88.
Initially that was the attitude in many quarters: “bunch of perverts, let’em rot”.

That began to change when more and more “normal” people began to be infected, mostly through blood transfusions and the use of blood products (initially, people who had undergone operations, hemophiliacs, etc).

When it is “your” people who start suffering the consequences of a disease or a condition... that is when minds begin to concentrate in earnest and when “you” start taking things seriously.

The moment really important rich people start getting really sick with this is when we will see a change in certain attitudes on the part of some very rich people.
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