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Originally Posted by Frankenstein Monster View Post
I guess this is the thread to post this to.

Finland and Sweden are interesting to compare.

Sweden decided early on to be relatively loose on their restrictions and to stress individual responsibility.

Finland did too, but to a specifically lesser extent than Sweden.

Article: Sweden’s coronavirus approach different from Finland

Both are in the same phase of the pandemic. Sweden crossed the 10 confirmed cases mark on March 4, Finland on March 6. (Both have a restricted testing policy and have acknowledged to have many more infections in reality.)

Today: Sweden has EIGHT TIMES the number of deaths and five times the number of serious cases relative to the population. (Sweden has twice the population.)

Wonder what they will think of "overreacting" to the pandemic or "questioning" the restrictions when all this is over.
Unfortunately we will be able to do similar comparisons in the US between cities/states with differing levels of mitigation.