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In 1992, in Los Angeles, there were a few days like this, during the riots. Everything was closed, and there was a curfew at night. Local TV stations kept people up-to-date, and people called each other a lot.

In a way, people acted more rationally during that short time. Of course there was lots of looting and some violence, but only in some parts of the city, and the looting was clearly people taking advantage of a do-nothing police force. It was obviously reprehensible, but was rational. That was happening in the neighborhoods which had become most resentful of the police, for the most part.

Now, a lot of people who otherwise live in normal circumstances are confusing this situation for a zombie apocalypse. They are acting as though they needed to stockpile a year's supply of food and lock themselves in their house without ever coming out. I would say that the interconnectivity we have now is contributing to this thinking. It has become an echo chamber of stupidity, brought on by the compulsion so many people have to dramatize their perceptions with what they see on fantasy TV.