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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
Two days ago you were asking if you could have your housekeeper come in. Compared to that, this is incredibly low risk, if people are actually ten feet apart and bring their own chair and booze. I don't think yelling at him like he's an idiot to consider it is appropriate.
In what way do you quantify this as "incredibly low risk", and how are you going to ensure that people respect this hypothetically safe 10 foot distance? When people need to use the restroom, do they walk home or pee behind a bush? What happens the first time wants to show someone else a video on their phone and everyone clusters around to see?

We are incredibly social animals, and this instinct is difficult to fight in the presence of other people. This is true even for physicians, nurses, and epidemiologists who live with the reality of infectious disease by occupation. We naturally gather in groups because it feels warm and safe even though that is the very means by which infection spreads.

Dr. John Campbell on the state of contagion, morbidity, and mortality around the world.