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Right. They're neighbors so if they have to use the restroom they'd walk home. They're adults so I'd trust to them to not hover around phones looking at cat memes. Right now we've stopped to chat with neighbors on walks, the weather has been nice so many of us are outside with dogs and/or exercising, and standing 6-10 feet apart while catching up is not in violation of any guidelines I've seen.

However Stranger does touch on my concern -- not so much actual transmission risk or even bad optics, but more like, do we want to avoid anything that feels like socializing just to avoid normalizing it?

eta: We've been on some form of lockdown here for 2 weeks, we're adhering to all state and Fauci guidelines. I canceled my houescleaner (still paying though) 2 weeks ago. We're being good citizens, nearest I can tell. I'm not trying to skirt the system, but I think maintaining sanity is going to be important.

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