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Originally Posted by Stranger On A Train View Post
In what way do you quantify this as "incredibly low risk", and how are you going to ensure that people respect this hypothetically safe 10 foot distance? When people need to use the restroom, do they walk home or pee behind a bush? What happens the first time wants to show someone else a video on their phone and everyone clusters around to see?
That wasn't the question. Taken as asked: are two people sitting 10 feet apart on lawn chairs outdoor, and never coming any closer, engaging in socially irresponsible behavior?

I mean, to me, if you are actually doing that, it's not socially irresponsible. I guess it's legitimate to ask if people will actually abide by the parameters, but I think most neighbors can.

If it's not safe to sit on at one end of your driveway and shout at a neighbor at the other, then lock-down orders need to quit telling people it's okay to go outside for solitary exercise. Because I am going on a walk every day, and even though I detour off the sidewalk and walk around people I see, I do come within 10 ft of them. Is that really unwise, when out of doors?