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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
All the major airlines are screwing with their customers and telling them they have to pay a cancellation fee if they don't want "store credit" for cancelled flights.

Smaller airlines like RyanAir are surprisingly just giving out refunds.
Pretty simplistic take on the whole situation with the airlines. Each airline has it's own contract of carriage that dictates how it treats cancellations, refunds, vouchers, etc. Many, many people buy the cheapest ticket which almost always means it's non-refundable and non-changeable. Once the shit hit the fan, many airlines, at least the large US airlines, immediately started allowing people to cancel and rebook or get vouchers for even the most restricted tickets, as well as waiving change fees. That seems pretty reasonable to me. If you're not happy getting a voucher or the ability to change your previously non-refundable, non-changeable ticket, then I think the airline should be able to charge a cancellation fee. Not sure why you think the airlines should be on the hook for millions of these tickets.

Now as more travel bans/restrictions have gone into effect, the airlines are having to cancel flights and reducing/changing schedules. In many cases if THE AIRLINE cancels your flight or makes a change of more than X hours (depends on airline) you ARE due a refund. Each will have its own process for this. I just had to do this with AA and even though the airline cancelled my flight I still had to "cancel" it on my end and then request the refund via their website. There was a period of over a week where my flight hadn't yet been cancelled by AA and if I'd initiated the cancellation on my end first, I'm sure it would have defaulted to getting issued a voucher rather than refund, so it pays to wait as long as possible to cancel.