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Originally Posted by Manda JO View Post
If it's not safe to sit on at one end of your driveway and shout at a neighbor at the other, then lock-down orders need to quit telling people it's okay to go outside for solitary exercise. Because I am going on a walk every day, and even though I detour off the sidewalk and walk around people I see, I do come within 10 ft of them. Is that really unwise, when out of doors?
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I think telling people they can't have a 10ft away happy hour, where you have adult neighbors who are actually following the rules seriously (and will go home to go to the bathroom), is a great way to have people go nuts. Especially when we probably have 2 months to go with this. The guidelines state stay 6 feet away from each other - if you are actually following it, I see nothing wrong with the 10ft away happy hour.
Since nothing I say seems to have any impact (and honestly, I am not a medical authority, just someone who happens to be well-read in epidemiology and virology), I'll just encourage you to watch this: Dr. John Campbell, Friday 27 March Update: "Our health depends on everyone else."

Make your own decisions but realize that those decisions impact people beyond yourself.