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This is something on my mind a fair bit. I'm very fortunately employed, to the extent that this is having only superficial impacts on my life, and that is likely to continue but there are three small businesses that I love (they fall into my "third place" category, discussed in Quimby's "What is your "Third Place"?",

All three are small businesses and, notwithstanding the effectiveness of our gov't's (Canada) emergency economic policy, I can't see any guarantees that they will necessarily survive. Or, if they do survive, that they'll have the same staff who I, albeit superficially, "know" and enjoy talking with. It's personally sad to fortunate me and I can't even imagine what it's like for them and their staff.

All three are non-chain/franchise places and, up to this point, were extremely popular (and I assume successful). But what happens to the poor staff members? And multiply this by however many other such places on the planet.

One of them is an Italian owned diner in a nearby industrial park and I had a pizza delivered for lunch yesterday and gave them a healthy tip. The other is an Italian coffee place in a local, food-centric mall and I last saw them a couple of weeks ago. And the other place is a bike-rental and maintenance place with a brilliant, licensed coffee place.

I feel so sorry for all these folks.

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