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I’m trying to order take-out more frequently, and I’ve changed up my habits a little bit.

There are two nearby places that I really don’t want to lose. Both are located in the small shopping plaza in my sub development ( which has about 500 homes, a mix of rental apartments, townhomes and single family houses ).

One is a Greek diner that has a drive-through pickup window, which has always been their main attraction. The other is a bar /restaurant that is local a hangout spot, especially among the younger people in the neighborhood. They play sports on the TV’s at the bar and have a large outdoor patio. The shopping plaza also has a mediocre Chinese restaurant, and while I hate to see any business suffer, I can live without them.

I’ve started getting takeout from the hangout bar a couple of times a week and forgoing the diner. Because I’m pretty sure the diner is busier than ever - they always did mostly takeout and they’ve got signage on the main road with their phone number advertising the pick up window.

But the hangout bar is really hurting. So I’m trying to do what I can. And they have $5 pizzas on Monday, so I always grab a couple and refrigerate slices for lunch throughout the week.

One thing I like about where I live is that once you get outside the mall parking lot, the independent restaurants vastly outnumber the chain restaurants. We go to independent restaurants pretty much exclusively. I’m concerned that this recession will put the independents out of business and the chains will move in to fill the vacuum.