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Originally Posted by Tatterdemalion View Post
Is Uber Eats (Or Grubhub/Doordash) a good way to keep our local restaurants running? There is a local Banh Mi place that I really like, but I suspect that even before recent dislocations they were hanging by a thread. I see that they will deliver through Uber Eats, although the fees effectively double the price of a sandwich. That would be ok, I guess, I really have a yen for their grilled pork Banh Mi.
Uber Eats is waiving delivery fees for local restaurants.

Originally Posted by Uber Eats
Order with $0 Delivery Fee
To support the community, you get a $0 Delivery Fee on any order from a local restaurant.
ETA: It looks like GrubHub is offering free delivery for local restaurants for your first delivery only. DoorDash doesn't seem to have any thing special right now.

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