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Originally Posted by Martin Hyde View Post
It happens like this:

Old Biff in the original future timeline sees Doc Brown and Marty McFly, and he sees they have a time machine. He also sees Marty throw away that sports almanac. While Doc Brown and Marty are busy in the original future Old Biff steals the time machine, taking the sports almanac with him. He goes back to the original 1955 and gives young Biff the almanac.

Meanwhile, Doc Brown and Marty are under the impression they set things right in the future and go back to 1985, only to discover that they're in a new 1985 timeline in which Biff has become all powerful.
Right, but they can do so because old Biff returns the Delorean back to where stole it from. My question is, how did he get back to the original future?

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