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There's a bit of ambiguity when Biff leaves the car after returning to 2015. He stumbles out and it appears he has a heart attack (or may even have been shot). If you accept the propagation theory, which does explain much of what happens, it's very plausible the "heart attack" is his reaction to him being phased out of the timeline; we just don't see him disappearing like Marty's hand in the first movie. IIRC, Marty experiences convulsions as well in BTTF1; when George and Lorraine kiss and Marty's existence is re-established, he snaps back up straight (the instant reaction is also explainable by the propagation theory, since he was in such close proximity to them).

The funny thing is I'm quite sure the reactions or lack-thereof to the timeline changes were purely arbitrary, being made up so they would make for better shots and a more understandable movie, and it winds up adhering to this AFAICT unique theory of time travel.