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You're not thinking fourth dimensionally!

In the commentary, Bob Gale remarks that as we are watching Doc, Marty, and Jennifer exit the house, the timeline Biff adjusted it to is now propagating behind them; the evidence of which is Biff's "heart attack", which is the result of Lorraine having shot him in the 1985A he created; karma at work.

The key is that each timeline change takes some amount of time to work its way through the years.

See also that when Doc and Marty visit 1985A, it's technically a timeline where Doc never built a Time Machine in the first place and so the whole of the time space continuum should collapse and reset back to default; but it doesn't, because they skip in and out of 1985A, and back to 1955, so quickly they're ahead of the adjustment ripple, and manage to avoid the consequences.