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The real plot hole is that this flimsy little booklet can hold the scores from tons of games across many sports over a 50 year period. If you look at something like the Baseball Encyclopedia or such those suckers are thick. That's not even considering the possible "ripple" effects that the presence of said time travelers would have in that time (an eccentric time-traveling inventor waves his arms vigorously in Southern California, which eventually leads to a seagull drifting into the path of a pass at a UCLA game 50 miles away).
From the Back to the Future II IMdB FAQ (

Isn't the sports almanac way too thin for fifty years of sports statistics?

Depends on how detailed and varied the statistics are. We only know that it has the scores of various games and the winners of some horse races. With small enough font, the almanac could accomplish this - or by using a cross table, which could fit a whole season of results on half a page.

Old Biff tells Young Biff, "All you have to do is bet on the winner, and you'll never lose." This line seems to indicate that only winners across different sports are recorded in the book. It'd be pretty thin then, even for 50 years of statistics of "football, baseball, horse races, boxing."