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Originally Posted by Pitchmeister View Post
When Doc takes Marty and Jennifer to 2015 in the beginning of BTTF2, why do they still keep existing and form a family?

I never stopped to think about it, but this really doesn't compute. Einstein, being the world's first time traveller, essentially vanished for one minute. Why didn't Marty, Jennifer and Doc vanish in a similar fashion for 30 years?

Does anyone have an explanation for that?
Because when they went thirty years into the future, there was a near-absolute certainty that Marty and Jennifer would choose to go back to their own time when they were done. On the other hand, there was a near-absolute certainty that when Einstein went one minute into the future, that Doc wasn't going to send him one minute back in time for no reason other than to screw up his experiment and potentially telefrag his dog.