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Originally Posted by Grumman View Post
Because when they went thirty years into the future, there was a near-absolute certainty that Marty and Jennifer would choose to go back to their own time when they were done. On the other hand, there was a near-absolute certainty that when Einstein went one minute into the future, that Doc wasn't going to send him one minute back in time for no reason other than to screw up his experiment and potentially telefrag his dog.
I'm just trying to wrap my head around the concept of going into the future.

Going into the past makes sense, just make sure you're not running into yourself. But going into the future just seems to open a huge can of worms - I just don't see how you could meet yourself, because you just skipped the years that it would take to grow old and raise a family. If it was almost certain that Marty and Jennifer would return, then why is Marty Jr. still a wuss, if wiser, traveled-back-in-time Marty Sr. could have raised him so much better (especially since the Rolls-Royce accident also seems almost certain not to happen, taking all of the movies' events into account).

My head hurts.