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Originally Posted by Sleeps With Butterflies View Post
Were those over-the-top pictures of feet with fungus and other medical disorders necessary? Are you implying that your foot cream can cure such disorders?
I’m sorry, Sleeps With Butterflies, but those pictures do not appear over-the-top to me. A few years back, If I didn’t treat at least one patient with feet like those, or worse (often much worse), by lunchtime, I’d consider it a dull day. And, as I thought I made clear in the first paragraph of my OP, I do not claim that our products cure anything. Curing disorders like xerosis, dyshidrosis, eczema, hyperkeratosis and onychogryphosis would involve genetic engineering, not a foot crème, no matter how well chosen and balanced the ingredients were.

But, I will go further than imply and simply state that, used as directed, the appropriate products (in this case, the antifungal nail gel, keratolytic crème and/or balm) would, in most cases, significantly improve the condition of feet such as those in the now hidden photos above. And if, in addition to compliant use of products, feet like those were treated by me on a regular basis, say every 8 weeks or so, they would improve even more significantly and remain that way.

I am, however, sensitive to the hypersensitivity of some people toward graphical representation of pathological conditions deemed “no big deal” by most health care personnel and so apologize for posting the disturbing photo above. In its stead, let me post a photo representation of what those same feet may likely look like after I treat them.