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Originally Posted by congodwarf View Post

Mama - Are you talking about the Counterparts set? See here If you are, I found the part number for the spaghetti canister in the obsolete parts but it says it's unavailable. Besides, it's the whole thing, not just the lid. But, I bet you could find replacement lids online. As far as I can tell, it's the Counterparts V container that holds the spaghetti.
I can't wait until I can get a lot of Modular Mates. My pantry is so cluttered and I hate it.
Yep - mine is the Counterparts. It's fine, actually, aside from a chip on the top rim which is purely cosmetic. The lid works the same as the the lids on the Classic Pitchers (the push button); it's the push-button inserts for my 2 pitchers that got "et" by the garbage disposal. The pitchers are still usable, it's just a pain to get the lid assembly to fit together as a result.

I was thinking about trying one of the long ovals for spaghetti - I'll check one of the ones I already got, against the spaghetti I stuck in the freezer the other day, to make sure it'll fit lengthwise. The PDF that I linked to suggests the super oval 1 will hold a half pound, and the super oval 4 would hold 5 pounds.

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