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Well, this has been an awesome experience! You ladies have been great and I truly appreciate your orders. Not only will I be getting my normal commission percentage, your orders qualified me for a bonus! That money is going to be stashed away until September so I can pay my $46 financial aid shortage and buy a textbook. Now I just need to save enough from my regular job and more parties so that I can afford books for the other 4 classes.

I'll be closing this party within the next hour or so but don't worry! You can still place orders through my site (see my signature) any time whether there's an ongoing party or not!

If any one is in MA, RI, CT, or Southern VT or NH and you want to host a party, I'd love to be your consultant! Hosts get bonuses of free and half price stuff, based on what their guests order. It's a great way to get some of the more expensive items on your wish list.

If anyone has any questions about anything, you can contact me by email, PM, or through my Tupperware site or this thread. I wont be abandoning it just because the party's over!