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2nd Gen iPod Touch 8gb

Since my new phone does everything I was using the iPod for, I have decided to sell the iPod.

As you can see in the picture, there is a scratch along the top of the screen. It's about 1-1/4" long but is very shallow. There is also a very small and shallow scratch further down. The back looks pretty good.

This was used every day for 2 years but pretty much only so I could listen to audio books as I fell asleep so it has spent most of its life under my pillow. Despite that, it does come with a case and an exercise armband. The original charger was in terrible condition so it has recently been replaced with the pink Khomo charger.

I'm hoping for $100 but I'm also realistic so feel free to make an offer. I will pay shipping (USPS) and insure it for $100 regardless of sale price.

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