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Yes, I too am totally addicted to Tapped Out. I had one Springfield awhile back, but the phone I had it on got stolen!! So I had to start over.

I started playing again just before Christmas and I am now on level 13. I didn't add neighbors for quite sometime so that really slowed me down. Right now I am working on visiting neighbors so I can build the library and get Martin. I am VERY disappointed that I didn't join in time to be able to get "Cool Homer".

What really gets me angry about the game though is all of the cool stuff you need donuts to get. I'm not really able to fit buying 99.00 worth of donuts into my budget right now, but I long so badly for so many of the donut only items. I'm not sure how buying them even works though, when you buy them do you give them a credit card number? What do the bill. My phone is on my fiancÚ's mom and dads family plan and I don't think they'd be happy if I charged money for dounts on their account. If I can use a credit card, I might just have to do that.

I still need neighbors so if anyone wants to add me I am Z94WZE60X8
I don't have any idea how I got stuck with that stupid name, its the auto assigned name. I made one I wanted but something got messed up.