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BTW, far be it from me to use this thread to promote the book and blatantly ask for fellow Dopers to briefly register on that site and put my book on their "Bookshelf" and give me a 6 star rating.

Granted, that is how books reach the top of the list and you get considered for future publication, but to flat out beg is not only beneath me - that would be shameless promotion.

No, I would never sink so low.*

Besides, just because you hate puppies and donít go in and back my book, that doesnít make you a bad person.

* Rumors that backing my book on the Authonomy site will ensure health, wealth, eternal happiness and free pie for life have yet to be proven, despite the numerous testimonials to that affect.

I think it would be far better for you just to read at least the first chapter and eagerly dash in to show your support, based solely on the merits of the book.