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We're currently visiting friends and family in the Bay Area, and today we drove from Santa Cruz to San Francisco along the coast on Highway 1.

Being Sunday, there was plenty of traffic, and the nicer cars were generally a predictable mix of BMWs, Porsche Boxsters, late-model Corvettes, and Audis.

At one stage, though, we were in a line of traffic, and three cars ahead was a low-slung car with massively wide rear tires. At first glance i thought it might be a Ferrari or Lamborghini, but i'm pretty familiar with the rear profile of those cars.

Then i worked it out, and had my suspicions confirmed when it pulled off to park. It was that classic mix of Euro styling and American muscle, the De Tomaso Pantera. It was an earlier model, without a wing and without the wide flared wheel arches of some of the later models.

It explained the fat tires. IIRC from my teenaged, car mag-reading days, some of the Pantera models used the same 345/35 Pirelli's as the Lamborghini Countach. That was about as wide as you could get.