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I am having a language issue.

My current agency recently implemented a New! Shiny! Reporting tool. There were some issues setting me up with my usual email, nava @ myemail . com so I eventually provided a second one, myotheremail @ myemail . com and asked if they could use this other one. They said no.

Last week they emailed me saying "we have reset your account and sent the new link to this email". This went to the nava email so, idiot that I apparently am, I expected to get the email with the link in the nava email.

Nope. They sent it to the alternate email, the one they had previously deemed unacceptable, the one that was not "this email".

Am I wrong in thinking that if someone emails me at nava @ myemail . com and says "this email", it would be to be expected that they are talking about nava @ myemail . com? Would it count as cruelty to morons if I search for the Sesame Street episode where they explained Thiiiiiis and Thaaaaat and send them the link? I'm reasonably sure there has to be at least one show explaining that concept.

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"In the video, a student 'George' revealed to the class that his family was relocated via the Trail Of Tears. Should the teacher 'Biff' have attempted to bond by mentioning that his family has always been Washington Redskins fans? A) Yes B) No C) Yes, with reservations D) All of the above E) One of the above"
C, evidently!

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