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I'm trying not to quit my job.

A couple of weeks ago was my 4th anniversary working here, and in that time we've tripled our number of contracts. Like cancer, the center keeps growing uncontrollably because the director enjoys setting up new programs without regard to how much work that creates. Well, she probably likes the money too; I know our specific annual budget now rivals the whole institute we're part of's general operating budget.

The insanity of trying to juggle everything just gets worse with each new program. This all got too much for my boss, my favorite boss ever, and she quit without warning in July, and left the first week of August. Being pretty self-sufficient, I had only minimal supervision from my grandboss while they looked for a replacement. In October her replacement finally started. I read all sorts of people talking about how their favorite boss left and their next boss was their next favorite boss. Lucky bastards.

I cannot stand my new boss. For the first several weeks she kept asking endless repetitive questions, since my grandboss isn't interested in supervising her either, it has basically fallen to one coworker and I to teach her how to do her job. And because she constantly interrupted us, neither of us could get our actual work done. There have been days where I've literally tried to find things to do out around her dozens of e-mails and IM'ng me every 30 minutes. I wish this was her only fault, but she's constantly condescending and dismissive people's opinions, which is super awesome since she still has no idea what the hell we do.

If it was just he being a pain in the ass I could probably deal, but the fact that we keep adding program after program means that the workload keeps increasing, and no one gets hired. We have a large budget but the director expects the same people to just keep spreading themselves thinner and thinner.

New boss is not helping, and when she complained on TH that I hadn't managed to do the 101th thing that shouldn't even be my responsibility for her, I told her that with a new website (on drupal which I'm still learning how to work with - and she keeps scheduling meetings when I've put time aside to work on it, then bitches I haven't spent enough time on it!) and launch of a big online course both happening on November 30th there isn't enough time to get everything done. I also told her that I have serious concerns about not knowing enough about drupal yet to begin managing it on 12-1 because people keep dropping other things in my lap. She said she understood...

...and then yesterday asked my "opinion" about whether we could fulfill a new program's request to create a course just for them before Thanksgiving is realistic. I said no, of course, and that the 10th or 11th is more realistic. Her response was to suggest we meet to determine a better timeline. Look, you twit, of the four people you want to meet, I'm the only one who can actually build the course out, do you think you think meeting is going to magically make more time in the work week?? Why the hell did she bother asking my thoughts when she was going to ignore what I suggested as a realistic projection?

Since they have no apparent interest in hiring anyone, and they just keep adding things, there is no end in sight of having way more work to do than time to do it, which is horrible - I am so sick of feeling like I'm getting nothing accomplished and that I don't have time to give everything the attention it deserves. And idiot boss will be going on maternity leave in early December, and of course they expect that coworker and I to cover for her rather than hiring a temp, so it's only going to get worse on that front even if we don't have to deal with her constant questions for 12 weeks.

So... I'm sorry this is longish, but I'm really trying to find reasons not to say fuck it and quit, or give an ultimatum that they ever hire someone to do part of my job (and other worked to death coworker's job) or they can hire someone to do all of mine. I haven't bought a new house yet, and I've got over a year's worth of take home pay in the bank so it's really tempting to tell them to go fuck themselves and let them try to find someone else who can do all the things I do for them from being the LMS admin for the courses and editing lecture videos and all the other stuff that other people refuse to learn how to do. Even if I left without finding a new job first, I'm positive I'd find a new job faster than they could fill mine.

We are required to take the last several days of December and the first few of January off, and I'm tempted to begin looking for a new job. This sucks because I used to like this job, and might again if they'd just hire a few people. (and, you know, if new boss says screw it and stays how with the new baby permanently). Sigh.