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Originally Posted by elfkin477 View Post
This sucks because I used to like this job, and might again if they'd just hire a few people. (and, you know, if new boss says screw it and stays how with the new baby permanently). Sigh.
Sorry, she probably won't. I was really hoping my Annoying Coworker would decide to stay home with her new baby, but she came back.

My prediction: When you quit, they will need to hire three people to replace you.

My supervisor does the same thing--she wants to do all kinds of new things, but she never thinks about how much time it will take to keep doing them on a regular basis. Then she's unhappy when I can't get it all done, but the only way to get it all done would be to work overtime, which I can't do right now for personal reasons. It's a no-win situation when you have a boss who is not willing to talk to you about your workload and priorities and how much is really reasonable to do in one day. I get the feeling you're like me, and you can get a lot done in one day, so that makes it extra-unreasonable for your boss to keep adding more and more to your workload. You can cram a lot in, but there's a point where you just can't keep adding more tasks and still get it all done. Good luck with the job hunt. I hope you find something where you're appreciated more.