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I've been on this job since mid-Sept, and it was closing in on late Oct before I got computer access and the necessary training. But it's engineering drafting. I was an engineer for 26 years, plus I've had 2 temp jobs as a drafter since retiring, so I'm pretty good at making pretty pictures. And I work fast - it's just the way I am.

I've lost count of the number of times I've gone to the boss asking for work because I was out of things to do. Most recently, last week, I told him I needed work. Nothing. Then a few things that needed to be revised came back, so I was partly busy again. Yesterday, I told him again and a couple of hours later, he gave me a list of drawings to do. I had them all finished by early this morning, but he was at a meeting, so I left him a note asking for more to do. Still waiting - I'm posting this during my lunch break.

I can't just sit. I took this job because I want to work. I don't appreciate waking before 5 and getting to the office before 6 just to twiddle my thumbs. Today especially, I could have used the extra sleep.

When I was in training, I heard some of the engineers complaining about the drafting backlog, so I figured I'd be busy. Yeah, right. I've pretty much decided to get my resume out there again. I've heard tell of one place that has a backlog and just lost a drafter - if they can match what I'm paid here, I'll probably jump ship.