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Sally Kellerman was in a 1963 episode of "My Three Sons" titled "Steve and the Viking" Steve Douglas (Fred MacMurray) gets roped into escorting the daughter of a Danish couple who have an account with Steve's company. Steve's qualification is that he is 6'2"-6'3" and the daughter (Kellerman) is 6'2". She proves to very athltic (no, not in bed) with hiking, tennis and saunas so much that Steve, who is about 45 (his sons are 20, 17 and 10) is physically worn out. He turns down an invitation to a costume ball for her, which turns out to be 17. So he suggests that his 17 year old Don escort her. At the time Kellerman was 26, which shows you that "Beverly Hills 90210" and "Gilmore Girls" didn't invent the practice of women in their late 20s playing high school girls.

George Takei was in a 1963 episode of "The Gallant Men", a one season show about GIs in Italy in World War II (it didn't help that "Combat!" debuted the same year on the same network). The episode "One Puka Puka" deals with the regular army hard bitten sergeant (Richard X Slattery) ending up in the largely Nisei 100th infantry battalion (puka is Hawaiian for hole) and with prewar service in Hawaii, Slattery thinks Hawaiian natives are a bit crazy. Takei is one of the soldiers under the command of a Nisei lieutenant named O'Hara who is unorthodox, always talking about comic books and kind of enjoys Slattery's discomfort. But Lt O'Hara's tactics work (they capture a German tank) and when Slattery's unit catches up, his captain finds Slattery happily dancing to Hawaiian music on a tabletop.
And George Takei was also in an episode of My Three Sons! Steve was working with a female aviator who was doing some kind of Amelia Earhart-like thing, and Takei was a radio operator helping keep in communication with her.