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And George Takei was also in an episode of My Three Sons! Steve was working with a female aviator who was doing some kind of Amelia Earhart-like thing, and Takei was a radio operator helping keep in communication with her.
Takei is also in an episode as the owner of a restaurant. Not Chinese food, but fried chicken and other Southern food. About once a year on "My Three Sons" there was an episode with one of Steve's fellow engineers played by James Hong ("number three son in several Charlie Chan movies). They go a little heavy with the "honorable grandfather" type sayings. Takei is a 28 year old man expecting to marry Hong's 17 year old cousin from Hong Kong whose previous 60 year old chosen-by-her-parents" fiance has died. Robbie gets the job of turning a shy, submissive girl into an American which she does causing Takei to say "I was expecting a Chinese Mona Lisa, not a bopper".

Before becoming an actress in things like "Assignment Earth" Teri Garr was a dance in nine Elvis Presley movies and tv music shows like Shindig, Hullabaloo and Movin' with Nancy Sinatra.

MeTV has finally gotten to the controversial 6th (and final) season of "77 Sunset Strip". Facing declining ratings, Jack Webb was hired and he completely revamped the show. Turning an often lighthearted dtetective show into a film noirish and getting rid of every character except Efrem Zimbalist Jr, whose character changes. Not content with that, but in an era where few shows were two parters (and only "Lassie" ever had a three parter), Webb opened the season with a five part episode where William Shatner is one of a cast of thousands.
I will wait till all are broadcast before watching but I have to say the stand alone episode "White Lie" starring Elizabeth Montgomery as a biracial woman hiding this fact in wealthy Connecticut was quite good. But that may be due to Montgomery.