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Okay read more, and appreciate the responses.

Production slated for 2019, so call it 2021 or 2.

Recharging on the road supposed to be via a to be built "Megacharger Network" that somehow is to be solar powered? Someone help me out here. How big are these batteries? How much draw will it take to charge one to 80% in 30 minutes?

And one assumes that the longer term vision is to have the drag coefficient further improved upon by having these run as virtual trains with V2V and use of autonomous features, possibly with no driver at all in future iterations and likely just one for the whole train sooner than that. That however means a train of them wanting to charge all at the same time. Roughly calculating this out I think that comes to 2.3K shitloads of power all at once.

Or does a fleet operation run these old Pony Express style, each grouping running half an hour behind the one ahead, with now rested (charged for a half hour) Semis waiting at each Megacharger station?

I give credit to the Tesla team (and I think that means more than just Musk) for making no small plans ... but boy it is a leap of faith for any fleet or owner operator to go with this until Tesla proves the ability to deliver at least on the 3 and has some Megachargers built on the routes used already.

And if nothing else this gives the media something else Tesla to talk about than their production woes.