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Originally Posted by SamuelA View Post
Where I'm coming from is that I can estimate the impulse imparted by hot gas as much as anyone else. Publicly available sources show 3 kilotons/kilogram is achieved in the best optimized devices.

What "illuminati response". Who's they? I stated specifically that "they" are bullshitters if they can't produce empirical evidence? How the fuck is that a conspiracy belief? That's, like, the opposite.

What I'm hearing is that you're a fucking moron. You've been riding a desk for the last 10 years telling other people to finish their TPS reports. You sound about like a C student as well. But hey, I'm just thinking that. I don't have enough evidence to conclude I'm right. Just a hunch.
When you've defused a few IEDs, let us know. If you survive.

As far as the "impulse imparted by hot gas", the jokes just write themselves.