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Originally Posted by muldoonthief View Post
A lot of people her age utterly refuse to give in to the thought that they're not as capable of taking care of themselves as they were 50 years ago. And it's not like anyone can force her to have a caregiver against her will. She doesn't strike as the type to meekly agree with what other people tell her is "best" for her.
How about what's "best" for the country?

This her third fall (that we know of). It sounds like she is not even wearing one of those "fall monitors" around her neck because no one knew about this latest fall until she called the police the next morning. So how many times has she really fallen? What if she hits her head next time? Do you really think there won't be a next time? She could be on the floor "bleeding out" from a relatively minor head wound because of her stubbornness.

Cost is not an issue. Do you how many hundreds of highly qualified medical personal that would gladly volunteer their time to sit outside her residence in some kind of unobtrusive mobile medical unit?

Maybe her doctor can get through to her.

If she checks out, President Trump is easily going to get Amy Coney Barrett confirmed by the Senate and there will be blood in the streets. Something no sane person wants.
Its only funny until someone gets hurt, then its fuckin' hilarious!