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Latecomer to Lucifer/Questions/Season Four Anticipation

When Lucifer moved to Netflix I discovered and binge-watched it. I have a few random observations and questions about it.

Spoilers for prior seasons will fly freely.

Lucifer is an angel. Yes, he's the Devil, but his species is angel. Or celestial if you prefer that term.

Lucifer is an illegal alien as he was not born in the US and certainly didn't go through proper immigration channels. And has forged documentation. A rather minor point what with bribing police officers, consuming mountains of illicit drugs, and incidents of assault, but there's a potential episode there if someone of the right sort of authority discovers any of that.

Lucifer, and by extension the rest of the angels, is not human, that is, he is not Homo sapiens. So... all that sex is interspecies sex, rishathra, xenosex, or whatever you want to term it. It is NOT bestiality because angels and humans aren't beasts. Although angel/demon and human/demon sex might be bestiality, given that demons don't have souls... except that demons are also clearly sapient.

Presumably, the reason Lucifer can get jiggy so often (92 partners in two months being considered a "dry spell") without STD's is because he isn't human and STD's can't cross that particular species barrier. Which is also why Amenadiel can't actually get chlamydia, although with him "falling"/becoming mortal it's implied that he might start catching human diseases. Sex with Lucifer is safe sex! For similar reasons pregnancy should never be a worry... unless, of course, Dad decides a miracle is in order, then all bets are off.

Since there seems to be a very strong incest taboo among the celestials (angels and their kin) presumably the only sex the angels can have is, in fact, interspecies sex because it's implied that all angels are siblings.

Lucifer's wings make no aerodynamic sense. I can hear him saying "I'm not a bird" But that's OK - his wings don't have to work like a bird's or bat's. Sure, he can fly through the air, but it seems the really important point about them is inter-realm travel. Angel wings can transport you from Earth to Heaven, Heaven to Hell. They look like bird wings (sort of, more or less) but they are no more that sort of wing than the eyespots on a butterfly wing are actual eyes that can see. Butterfly wing eye-spots aren't for seeing, they serve a different purpose than seeing even if they look like eyes (sort of, more or less). Angel wings aren't for flapping-wing flying, they're for inter-realm/inter-dimensional travel. The fact they can carry their owner through the air, or be used to beat up bad guys, are useful things but not their primary purpose. They also aren't wings in the sense of birds or bats because they can, apparently, go through clothes - we've seen his wings manifest through his shirt/vest/suit when he's fully clothed without tearing or ripping his clothes. They might look like wings, but they aren't wings like mortal creatures have. Maybe they exist in different dimension(s) than our usual three?

Lucifer doesn't actually have a British Isles accent (Tom Ellis does, of course, but the actor is not the character and vice versa). We've seen that he can speak any language, and he can also adopt an American accent at will. That's the accent he chooses to have, it's not something he acquired via upbringing and exposure like a human acquires an accent. It's an affectation, like three-piece designer suits.

Based on some of the fight scenes, Lucifer has a much faster reaction time than a human, allowing him to dodge/weave, grab weapons out of an opponent's hands, and so forth. This is not dependent on Amenadiel slowing time, as he does this even when his brother is not around.

Questions: (probably not answered as of yet)

When Lucifer is injured, if Chloe stays nearby does he heal human-slow or faster than that? If Chloe moves outside of whatever radius her anti-magic field has does Lucifer heal faster?

We've seen that Lucifer can regenerate his wings. If he lost some other limb(s) would that likewise regenerate?

I'm kind of curious just how strong Lucifer is. Up to now, he's been as strong as the narrative required, which might be the actual answer: he's as strong as he needs to be to get something done. Or there might be a more concrete answer but we don't know at this point.


Obviously, Season 4 is going to involve Chloe dealing with the knowledge that Lucifer really is the Devil and he really never has lied to her... even if he doesn't always tell the full truth. Is she going to find out that he's died not once but twice for her benefit? Given that Chloe is protective by nature (being willing to take a bullet for someone else) that might well mess with her head.

What is Chloe's reaction going to be when she realizes she's been rooming with an actual demon, and has left her child in the care of an actual demon at times?

Let's look at the elephant in the room: Lucifer is immortal and immensely old already. Chloe is human and she presumably only has a human lifespan. She's also a good human being and is likely to go to heaven... after which Lucifer will never see her again. No wonder he's so reluctant to form emotional attachments to human beings. Or is this all a ploy by Dad to give Lucifer an incentive to reform/ask forgiveness such that he can get back into heaven again, at least on the occasional day pass? Lucifer is NOT going to want to Chloe wind up in hell. It's a mayfly-December romance. Wonder if they're going to deal with the issues that raises?

Do you think anyone else in the mortal world is going to ... well, not find out Lucifer's secret since he's been anything but secret about it, but realize that he really is the Devil?

I can't imagine Dan would take it well - he and Lucifer have warmed up a bit towards each other but finding out his ex is buddied up with the actual Devil is bound to raise issues. They might not be married anymore but Dan clearly doesn't want anything bad to happen to Chloe.

Wonder how Ella would take it?

And... that's probably long enough an OP.