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VHS tapes and tape degradation--also TV inputs

Two related questions:

1) I got a box of old "mini" VHS tapes from my mom this weekend. They are little tapes that you put inside a bigger VHS size tape and the device spools the tape out and allows it to play in a VHS player.

The VHS player is a known good one.

The tapes are about 30 years old and contain priceless family memories. The first tape I put in was nearly flawless with a few areas in which the display would stop and the TV would flash "No Signal." If I stop, fast forward, and then play, I get about 1 frame of good video and again, "No Signal."

All of the subsequent tapes were the reverse: a few areas where I could watch and the vast majority of the remainder was "No Signal"

First Question: Are the tapes hosed? Physically they look fine. Does VHS data simply degrade from being in a box? Any tips?

2) Is there any way I can get rid of the "No Signal" message? I don't care if it is white noise or snow on the TV, I want to watch the output from the VCR, not what the TV thinks I want to see. Any common way to get that setting?

Many thanks in advance.