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Professional restoration services for tapes like these can be fairly expensive, but they can often pull an acceptable signal from tapes with a little bit of electronic signal processing. (See my previous comment.) When I'm given a VHS tape with problem, the first thing I do is pop in a machine and check the signal with an oscilloscope. Nine times out of ten, the signal is just a bit unstable. The sync pulses are a bit low or require TBC, both of which are easily fixed.

The problem with "NO SIGNAL" appearing on your monitor is because it can't lock in on the sync pulses and so it doesn't think there's any video signal at all. Again, some video stabilizers MIGHT be able to correct this for less than $100. When I do video capture, I use old-fashioned analog input PCI capture cards and they do a much better job than most of the newer vidcap gadgets.