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Originally Posted by UltraVires View Post
I very much appreciate the advice so far. I wonder if anyone is able to answer the second question. I believe that it is my right as an American to view static on my TV. Is there no way to make the TV not think for itself and let me hear white noise and/or see what the VCR is putting out?
Probably not with a newer digital TV. The analog to digital converter circuitry will not recognize a weak or corrupted video signal and it will do exactly what you describe. As I mentioned above, an analog CRT unit will give you the static, or whatever signal is input. It is (slightly) possible that you can output a modulated analog signal (usually channel 3 or 4 using the old analog broadcast system) on coax cable and tune your TV to it, but that depends on how old your TV is.

Another question...have you tried other VCRs? They may vary a great deal in their ability to play back your tapes.