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Originally Posted by Try2B Comprehensive View Post
Ah, but what if it wasn't? What if the plan were written in such a way that the project was optimized to the highest objective standards?

I can't say I know how a project like this would actually play out. I just want you to recognize that the maximally cynical view of government action is a POV you are Choosing. There is nothing inevitable about it, no matter how much an article if faith it may be of Fox.
I honestly have no idea how Fox News is in the age of Trump. I lost track of them when I stopped watching The Daily Show many years ago.

As long as you know you are Choosing the maximally naive view of government, and you know there is no way anything like that will take place in a large country with a powerful central government. Maybe a city or town could manage such a project. Not the US govt. it simply has never been done because the US is too large.