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Originally Posted by WillFarnaby View Post
I honestly have no idea how Fox News is in the age of Trump. I lost track of them when I stopped watching The Daily Show many years ago.
Sorry to pigeonhole you as a Foxhead. Everyone in my world who takes it as an article of faith that the government can only bungle are conservative Fox watchers. I guess I feel like I am arguing with Fox, and not individual thinkers, a lot of the time. But that's not the case with you, and I retract that suggestion.
As long as you know you are Choosing the maximally naive view of government, and you know there is no way anything like that will take place in a large country with a powerful central government. Maybe a city or town could manage such a project. Not the US govt. it simply has never been done because the US is too large.
To say that the US government simply can't have positive achievements, premised on its size of all things, is demonstrably not maximally naive, and therefore you are totally off-base to say you or I "know" nothing "like that will take place in a large country with a powerful central government." Look at the interstate highway system. We've had that for almost 70 years. It makes sense because the US is so large, and it is so useful in large part because the US is so big.

A (single!) federal interstate high speed rail network along the Northeast Corridor certainly is within the realm of possibility in the technical sense- such things already exist. China is big, arguably bigger than the US, yet they have them. And they are way closer to a powerful, authoritarian central government than the US. Face it, they aren't exactly a democracy over there. So to say the big ol' US can't build it because... Too. Big., well, it sounds like a faith-y pronouncement rather than a reasoned, evidence-based argument.

Are you witnessing? Do you have a strong and specific political identity, like anti-Statist or Libertarian or Rock Ribbed Conservative or something? If you are meh about it, forget it, but if you have a strong conviction in some faith or political philosophy and that is informing this, yanno, belief of yours, tell me what it is so I can understand where you are coming from.

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