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Listing "split" job dates on resume?

I have a job listing where I was hired on as a temp, for about 6 months. The following year, the company re-hired me as a permanent employee. ("Hey, you already know the systems. Saves us training!")

Currently, my resume shows each job separately, in the interest of transparency & full disclosure. So I have something like "Acme Roadrunner, Inc. Mar-Aug 2008" and the temp job description, and then another listing for "Acme Roadrunner, Inc. Feb 2009 - Sept 2014" with the job description of my permanent role. The 2 positions are related - temp was as an admin helping with platform migration for a client portal, permanent was basically account manager & webmaster for the same portal, essentially running the show. Unfortunately, this seems to cause more confusion than it clears up, especially since the co. name is duplicated.

Could I simply give one listing, from the initial start date as a temp through the end date as a permanent? Would it be considered lying or something, if the break between 2 hires is not disclosed on my resume?

Does it matter that I was *not* hired through a temp agency? The manager for that team hired me directly, I guess, for the temporary position.
(It would have been simpler if it had been through a temp agency, I suppose, since the co. name would not be a duplicate.)

Any hiring managers or H.R. folks among the Doper folks who can weigh in on my best option?
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