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Originally Posted by lingyi View Post
I've worked temp jobs and when the agencies tweak my resume they always list themselves as the employer, which is correct., Your agency, not the company you were assigned to is legally your employer.

If you have multiple short term, say 3-6 month assignments, list your agency as your employer and just your major tasks, duties, accomplishments.
Yeah, but the hiring manager doesn't give a crap if TempUtemps or ContractPro issued your paychecks each month. The actual work your performed is at your client company. The agency lists themselves on your resume in order to market themselves. For example, some years ago I did a year long contract at a Fortune 500
insurance company. I don't put the name of the contract agency, I put the name of the insurance company because my job entailed going to insurance company every day and doing insurance company shit, not cold-calling job hunters and hiring managers.

If you do a long series of short temp stints through the same agency, you might want to put the agency down so as not to give the impression of "job hopping".

For the op, to simplify things for the person reading the resume, I would just list both jobs under a single company, and then separate them as you would different roles within the same company. Something like this:

BigCompany Inc., 2/2018 t0 present
Analyst, 11/2018 to present
Blah blah

Temp (through TempPros), 2/2018 to 8/2018
Blah blah blah

Originally Posted by Hilarity N. Suze View Post
You can do your resume any way you want, including no dates. I was recently a resume screener for a couple of different jobs (one I knew a lot about, one I didn't). Make it short. Whoever is screening will look for skills and possibly where you're working right now. I also gave a plus to people who successfully used the STAR (situation, task, action, result) system to state three or four professional accomplishments. (Don't know what happened after I forwarded them, but those did get forwarded assuming the skills were a match.) This is because even without knowing that much about that one job, I did know they wanted someone who could write a coherent paragraph.

If they want the dates on an application, I would combine them if it's that long ago.
How do you not do dates on a resume? How does the reviewer know if you've been at your jobs for 2 months or 20 years? Or if you just worked there or last worked their 20 years ago?