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Originally Posted by msmith537 View Post
Yeah, but the hiring manager doesn't give a crap if TempUtemps or ContractPro issued your paychecks each month. The actual work your performed is at your client company.
Exactly. The IRS and the state care about who your legal employer was. A prospective employer doesn't; it wants to know where you were and what you were doing.

I would combine the two, but note in the position description that it was a temp-to-perm hire after six months. I agree with sitchensis that a T-to-P hire is something I would like to see as a prospective employer.

Now, I would treat the application differently; it will invariably contain a clause indicating that all the information is 100% accurate and that any inaccuracy will be grounds for termination, so I would want to be scrupulously detailed about who your legal employers were in that context.
This can only end in tears.