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I'm usually a week or so behind on these, but I just caught up.

A perfectly fine beginning to the season IMO. SHIELD tends to get real stupid before it gets REAL good, so I'll give this season a country mile before writing it off. Honestly the hardest thing was remembering what happened last season and how it works with this one. Case in point: Did Yo-Yo lose her powers? I remember her hands getting severed by the living Bratz doll, and I remember she killed a dude and that's why she and Mack are no longer together, but her hand-to-hand with May makes it seem like she has no powers. Can someone remind me?

Two other points:

1. I don't watch much scripted TV at all save for Game of Thrones and you can really tell just how cheap SHIELD is compared to it! Obviously an ABC series isn't going to get the budget of HBO, so it's not fair to compare, but yikes is it noticible.

2. The Whedon's sure love Central Indiana! A handful of seasons ago saw the team head to Muncie to grab a Ball State student and this past episode saw not only a return to Muncie, but also a Castleton shoutout. It's also patently obvious the writers have never actually BEEN to Central Indiana as Castleton is a super rich suburb of Indy (aka, no street-tough black kids playing on a playground basketball court) but also a laughably HUGE Natural History Museum in Muncie that doesn't exist. What? They couldn't get the rights to Minnetrista?

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