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Originally Posted by msmith537 View Post

How do you not do dates on a resume? How does the reviewer know if you've been at your jobs for 2 months or 20 years? Or if you just worked there or last worked their 20 years ago?
Well, the place I was screening them got 150-200 resumes per position listed, so what I was doing was weeding out resumes that didn't have the relevant skills/qualifications. The application at this place did have a place for dates, but they didn't need to be on the resume and in a lot of cases, they weren't. If someone said they had SEO experience, for instance, you're pretty much assured they did not get that experience in 1975. Now in the interview it might be important whether they worked this skill in 2005 or 2017. But that was for the next level up to decide.

I will note that approximately 75% of applicants did not read the job listing.